Do you like wine and would you like to get better at tasting it? Well, the key to that is tasting as much wine as possible and the Aberdeen University Wine Society is here to help you! 

Normally we hold regular wine tasting events, conducted by the members of our committee or by guest professional sommeliers. However, in order to keep everyone safe and healthy our tastings are currently being held as online events that you can attend through our Facebook page! 

The online events that we hold are free, but buying a membership with a cost of £3 you will have a 10% discount at Wine Raks, one of Aberdeen's best wine shops that we are partnering with for our online tastings. You will also be able to attend our future in-person events at a reduced price and gain access to our members-only special events!

We are looking forward to seeing you! Cheers!


President: Roosa Tuppurainen

Vice President: Jenna Lehtinen

Treasurer: Eeva Kivilompolo

Secretary: Domca Bredová

Wine Officer: Kamilla Kantee

Social Media Representative: Aiden Jevans