Did you know that Donald Tusk has been appointed as the President of the European Council?
Have you ever heard of Fryderyk Chopin?
Did you know Poland was the only European country not to recess during the crisis in 2007 (so-called "green island")? If not, PolSoc is for you!
PolSoc is the organisation that unites both Polish students and teachers and those interested in its culture, economy, language, etc.
Apart from it, our goals are to promote Poland as well as represent and take care of the fellow members, cooperate with other societies in Aberdeen and form bonds with other Polish Societiess across the UK. We would like to achieve this through organising lots of different events, including social meetings, cooking workshops, tours to other cities, common holidays' celebrations and many more...
If you have any queries, please feel free to contact us via this page or pm one of the committe members! 

Remember - you do NOT need to be Polish to join us, we will be more than happy to show you some of the beauties of Poland, that discovering you will enjoy.