Did you know that the Polish Constitution was the first in Europe and the second in the world?
Have you ever heard of Nicolaus Copernicus and Pope St John Paul II?
Did you know that there are as many as 15 UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Poland?
Did you know that Poland is home to the largest castle in the world?
If not, PolSoc is something for you!

PolSoc is an organisation that unites students interested in Polish language, culture, economy and history. Apart from it, our goals are to promote Poland, represent its students in Aberdeen and cooperate with other societies and Polish organisations. We achieve these goals by organising lots of different events such as social meetings, cooking workshops, tours, national holidays' celebrations and many more.

If you have any queries contact ausapolishsociety@gmail.com! Follow us on Facebook and Instagram @ausapolishsociety!
Remember - you do NOT need to be Polish to join us. People of all nationalities attend our events, and it is our top priority to make everyone feel as welcome as possible.