TAU (Team Aberdeen University) Racing is a society with the aim of competing annually at the IMechE Formula Student event held at Silverstone racing circuit. The student lead project focuses on the design, manufacture, marketing and racing of a formula-style, single-seat race car. The team operates in the School of Engineering allowing individuals to apply the theory obtained in classes, however remains open to all students. On top of this, TAU Racing also features teams focusing on business, finance, and media so there really are opportunities for students of all backgrounds to get involved!


The team’s goal each year is to present an entry at the IMechE Formula Student competition at Silverstone. This multi-day event, usually taking place in July, welcomes teams from all over the world as they put the car through its paces in both on track events and static presentations.

Throughout the year we seek to develop students’ understanding and application of correct engineering design/manufacturing procedures, budgeting and marketing while working on a project with a tangible goal. Through interactions with the team’s sponsors, we offer the opportunity to engage and network with local and global industry while also getting insights into their day to day operation. 


TAU Racing allows access to a real-world engineering task right from day one. This fast-paced project provides a challenging environment in which to further your communication, teamwork, and management attributes. The experience gained is highly regarded by employers and great preparation for your transition to the workplace. Additionally, you will get the opportunity to work with a diverse and close team from all year groups, making long lasting friendships.

To find out more about the competition and our team, check out the links above. Be sure to follow us on social media for updates on when and how to get involved this year, team updates and many other exciting announcements.

We look forward to meeting you throughout the year!



We are currently hosting sessions every Wednesday at 1pm via MS Teams. To find out more and take part, join our Facebook group "TAU-21 Team".