Palestine Society

Figs, olives and kuffiyehs and everything falastini!
Welcome to the first Aberdeen Student Palestine Society!
Created to give Palestinians and those interested in the beautiful place, a space for cultural and social expression.
If you are interested in meeting and engaging with Palestinians and learn more about the country, join us in stimulating events, thought-provoking panels, and warm and friendly socials.
Together we plan on bringing the Palestinian culture closer to students studying in Aberdeen, and share insights, food and knowledge with you.
It is vital for us to be able to offer a safe space; therefore no hate speech is welcome.

Everyone curious is welcome to join our events!
Stay tuned for our upcoming events!




Ask Us Anything
21st January 5pm - 8pm
MR251, MacRobert Building
The Palestine Society is hosting a Q&A session where you can ask us anything you want, about Palestine, about our involvement etc. Everyone is welcome, we look forward to seeing you all! Snacks and drinks will be provided.