Mature Student Society

We are a newly re-established UoA AUSA society of mature, "mature", postgraduate, direct entry students and alumni. We are predominantly a social group and members are not obliged to commit any time beyond their own choice.

A co-operative collective of students, building a society together, between us we have a wealth of knowledge and experience that we can put to good use, to aid each other and the student body and the university and of course we plan to have plenty of fun in the process.

In addition to our regular events and socials, we are a child friendly society and endeavour to organise events that your children can attend with you. For a wide range of reasons many of our members will not be available at certain times of day, so we plan to organise a wide range of gatherings at various times across the campuses. 

We will predominantly be a social group but there are ideas of services and other duties we could offer, but this will be discussed before hand. It is up to each member what they want to get involved in. If you would like to get involved in other projects that's totally down to each individual to decided for themselves. Please feel free to join us.