Aerospace Engineering Society



Welcome everyone out there who is intersted in Aerospace!

As a society we have the goal of constructing an aircraft to compete in the UAS Challenge!
Apart from the team, which will focus on the competition, we will host several events throuhout the year for the rest of our members.

We will have weekly lab sessions where all teams will be actively working on the project.  Apart from that, we plan regular meetings where members will be discussing the current state of affairs, project’s obstacles, ideas and deciding on the deadlines.

This is a great possibility for students not only to gain a hands-on experience in R&D, Design and Manufacturing processes but also to practice critical thinking and teamwork. Furthermore, the members will expand their knowledge in aircraft and rocketry design. 

Apart from gaining practical experience (which is highly valued by employers), most importantly we want our members to have fun and enjoy the opportunity to deliver significant projects as a team.

For any questions please feel free to simply message us on facebook or via email!