Theology and Religious Studies Society - TRSS

TRSS provides an alternative to religious societies on campus as we don’t force you to align with any particular religious belief. Every member of TRSS is encouraged to think independently and is free to express any of their opinions without judgement. So long as you’re interested in contributing to discussion or able to provide a listening ear, you’re welcome!

At popular demand, TRSS aims to provide a social space for all students interested in theology, divinity and religious studies. Inclusivity and diversity are our priority! Everyone is welcome! TRSS encourages members of all different religious beliefs as well as those of no faith. TRSS actively works with the Theology and Religious studies department to give students a rounded social experience outside of lectures, whether this is through increased employment opportunities or social events. This will involve planning talks and debates from lecturers or external speakers. We hope to arrange other social activities with different universities; strengthening the relationships between different theology and religious studies societies elsewhere.

TRSS aims to give all students a place to feel included and relaxed amongst term stress and deadlines. Members are given a chance to meet people who share their interests and widen their social network beyond the classroom and their course. Ultimately, TRSS will encourage students to take a break from academia and do something to benefit their social well-being.


First Half Session Term Events 2019/2020:

- TRSS Social 10/09/2019: The Bobbin 

- A Night of Louis Theroux 07/10/2019: MacRobert Rm302

- Christmas dinner (Date and venue to be confirmed.)


Second Half Session 2020/2021: 

- Pub Pilgrimage 

- Blessed are the Cheesemakers (Wine and Cheese Night.) 

(Dates and venues to be confirmed.) 



President: Caitlin Yool (4th-year Theology student.)

Vice President: Cody Crawshaw (4th-year Theology and Religious Studies student.)

Secretary: Josephine Bloom (4th-year International Relations, Theology and Religious studies


Treasurer: Sarah Johns (3rd-year Psychology student.)

Postgraduate Rep: Bethany Nicol (Postgraduate Divinity student.)