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We are an enthusiastic crew of plant fans, who can appreciate the beauty of vegetal world and, of course, the taste of home-grown goods ;) By spending time in our garden, taking part in environmental and permaculture projects, organizing educational workshops and collaborating with other plant-lovers we devote ourselves to understand our flora better, which can help us to enrich our human lives.


Back in normality, we all would meet every Sunday at 11 at the Secret Gardens (next to the Butchart exam center on University Road), which is a space offered to students by the University of Aberdeen as a community garden. Currently, as far as online-gardening is a bit impractical, we alternate in our garden and support it individually with the rest of activities being held online. We are much looking forward to meet you in our garden once the situation is favourable, but until then, don´t hesitate to join our Facebook group for all the updates and wide array of member-exclusive events! No previous experience is required and the membership will cost you no more than 5£, what will help us maintain activities in the garden.


For Refresher´s visit us at https://www.ausa.org.uk/ents/event/2150/

See you there ! 



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    03 Oct 2020

    If you have any question, make sure to check our Q&A ;)