Cocktail Society


Welcome to Cocktail Society!

At Aberdeen Cocktail Society we like living la vida *vodka*! Our aim is to showcase the amazing world of cocktails! Whether it is the weird and wacky cocktails Aberdeen’s many bars have to offer, or a new and unique recipe that we will be making in our weekly (virtual) cocktail sessions!

Who can join?

Whether you are a seasoned mojito master or negroni newbie, Cocktail Society is simply about having fun and sampling the finest cocktails Aberdeen has to offer! Cocktail Society is open to anyone and everyone (18+) and we cannot wait to meet new members during fresher’s week or one of our weekly (virtual) cocktail making-and-tasting sessions!

What benefit is it to me?

At Aberdeen Cocktail Society, we aim to be one of, if not the most, fun society! We are a group of individuals who have probably sampled every cocktail in Aberdeen twice over, so we know all the best places for the best cocktails and can give brilliant advice! After a year of almost complete isolation, we believe a society with sociability and enjoyment at its core will greatly benefit student mental health and bring together people with common interests.

What events will be taking place?

Regular events include weekly cocktail making-and-tasting sessions in which we make a new cocktail every week (either in-person or on Zoom, COVID permitting), compare to previous cocktails we have made, discuss cocktails we would like to make in future!

Monthly or so, we will organise cocktail competitions where members create their own original cocktails and submit them to the group. Other members can then buy the ingredients and make them for themselves with a vote for best original cocktail, with the winner winning a small prize.

Ideally, we would be able to also have semi-regular trips to bars in and around Aberdeen to sample cocktails, but this is dependent on restrictions and numbers!

We hope to meet you all soon!