We are the Italian Society! We were born in March 2016 and cannot wait to meet you all!

The society is for Italians and non-Italians: the only requirement is that you enjoy company and good food. We try and keep alive the Italian culture on campus: most of the times our events include Italian food (which we cook or at local Italian restaurants) and a lot of laughs and fun games. There will always be music, buffets, wine, authentic homemade food, chatter and a lot of loud happy people! And don't forget the crazy hand gestures! 

This year, we'll be doing a lot of collaborations with other societies on things like cooking classes, movie nights and pub crawls, so keep an eye out for all our events!

Last but not least, we love our members and we try to get the best for them. Thus, becoming a member of the Italian Society also guarantees you the Triple A card (with free entry at Underground and discounts on drinks at the BSSC) and, every month, a different set of exclusive discounts at the Bobbin and at Triple Kirks!

Follow us on Facebook: We mainly advertise our events there but we will also keep you posted here on the AUSA website!

Buy the membership, it's only £3 and you won't regret it!




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