Hello, and on behalf of the Mooting Society, welcome to Aberdeen! 

The Mooting Society is one of the original student societies at the University of Aberdeen aimed primarily at students studying law. Our focus is on those law students who wish to enter the legal profession, in particular those who wish to pursue a career in advocacy, and we organise a whole host of events, activities and competitions throughout the year that can help students along the way. We provide great opportunities for students to show that they have the skills necessary to enter professional legal practice. Membership of our Society and competing in our competitions looks great on your CV and helps develop members' abilities to handle legal materials and use them effectively, presenting arguments, working under pressure and to short time constraints and critically analysing legal problems. Employers today are looking for more than just a good degree. They are looking for students to show they have some of the practical skills set out above. Unlike any other law society on campus, the Mooting Society additionally offers the possibility for our mooters to undertake work experience at select sponsoring law firms upon winning one of our moots!

Our current roster of mock trials include:

  1. First Year Moot: Established in 1987, this mock trial is open only to first year law students and is centred on a criminal law topic.
  2. Main Faculty Moot: Established in 1987, this mock trial is open to all law students at the School of Law and is centred on civil law topics.
  3. Family Law Moot, sponsored by Patience and Buchan: Established in 2012, our Family Law Moot is sponsored by specialist family law firm Patience and Buchan, who offer work experience to the two winning mooters!

We additionally compete in a number of external, national and international level mooting competitions as well as our annual Granite City Moot, against Robert Gordon University, undoubtedly the highlight in our mooting calendar! New to this year, we will also be holding a number of training sessions with our Master of Moots, Dr Jonathan Ainslie! So if you are new to mooting, fear not!

To make sure you get the full university experience, there are regular meetups for smaller events and socials to full society nights out. Everybody from any year is invited to join us. Some highlights of the year include: 

  • Call to the Bar Social (a fancy dress social);
  • Staff v Student Moot, a light-hearted moot, pitting the best of the Mooting Society against the School of Law; and
  • Group trips to the Faculty of Advocates (Edinburgh), criminal court (Aberdeen), commercial court (Edinburgh), as well as our annual London Legal Trip, featuring visits to the Inns of Court, Royal Court of Justice and the UK Supreme Court!

Visit our website or follow us on our social media for updates on introductory events and how to get involved!

Committee 2023-24

  • •President - Tomás Pizarro-Escuti

    •Vice President - Sashka Bakalova

    •Secretary - Christiana Cameron

    •Senior Internal Moot Coordinator - Tess Nuyts

    •Junior Internal Moot Coordinator - Abbey Harris

    •Senior External Moot Coordinator - Valentina Menendez Ron

    •Junior External Moot Coordinator - Ujjaini Halder

    •Social Events Coordinator - Joseph Templeton

    •Social Media Coordinator - Dina Hingorani

    •Treasurer - Hillary Ashong-Katai

    •Legal Researcher - Harine Raaj

  • Master of Moots (non-voting) - Dr Jonathan Ainslie 


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