Do you want to be a part of the most ruggedly handsome society at the University? Besides being really, really, really good looking; we hike, camp, go to cultural festivals, faff about the woodlands, rock climb, drink, be merry, and Coasteer (an activity involving wetsuits jumping off cliffs and swimming through sea caves).
What don’t we do?  Anything boring. Simply because we are no good at it, as well as saying no to new adventures.  Anyone and everyone welcome.
For more detailed information please visit our Facebook page where we list all our upcoming and past events, and keep all our photos.
That is the best place online to ask question by posting on the page or event page, propose events/trips, and get to know us.  We respond most quickly that way.  Check our pinned posts for the most recent introductions and information.
Or message us at if you don't have Facebook.