Dear Fellow Students and Yogis,

As Yoga society we hope to give you, regardless of level and background in yoga, the opportunity to improve your yoga practice, meet fellow yogis, relieve stress and stay fit. We hold weekly Yoga classes and are looking forward to meeting you there or at one of our special events or get-aways!

Our weekly classes vary in style and difficulty - you can check the timetable below. Feel free to attend any class you like and as many as you want to find out what´s right for you! We provide yoga mats and other sometimes useful equipment, but if you prefer to use your own – feel free to bring it along. 

During the semester we also organise special events and events in collaboration with other societies. All information will be posted on this page or on our facebook page:

We are hoping to welcome you as a member of our society soon and are looking forward to meeting you at one of our classes or events!


£5 per class for non-members

*The level of difficulty can be changed depending on demand, and the pace of the classes can be tailored to the level of the participants. Times and locations are subject to changes, but any alterations will be announced via facebook/email and on this page.



1) I've never done Yoga before - is that okay?
Yes! Complete beginners are always welcome to join us. Throughout the year, we will either hold beginner and intermediate classes or mixed classes that are suited for both; and you are welcome to do the practice at your own pace.

2) Which styles do you offer?
Currently, we're offering Ashtanga yoga and Vinyasa Flow yoga sessions. Throughout the year, we might be able to arrange classes of different styles, so keep an eye on our page!

3) What is the level of difficulty of the classes?
We offer beginner and intermediate classes; however, this will depend on demand and teacher availability.
The first classes will be more aimed at a beginner level, and as time progresses, classes of more advanced difficulty can be arranged to suit the level of the students. 

4) Will you be offering Iyengar sessions?
Sadly, as many of you might know, the last Iyengar teacher has left the University, so she will no longer be teaching yoga here. We weren't able to find anyone to replace her, however, we might be able to offer one-off Iyengar sessions during the year. 

5) I've missed the Taster sessions/ the first classes. Am I still be able to come to the sessions? Will I be able to keep up with the pace of the class?
Everyone is welcome to join us at any point throughout the semester, regardless of experience and level. During the class, you are in full control of your pace, if you feel tired at any point, you can slow down or stop for a while and join again the rest of the group when you feel ready.

6) Do I need to be a member to attend classes?
No, you can attend classes even if you are not a member; however, we strongly suggest you to buy our membership and enjoy our discounts! The fee for non-members is £5 and has to be paid before each class.

7) How can I pay for the classes?
You need to buy a membership either from this page or in person at the AUSA's reception desk.

If you are a member, you do not need to pay for each class individually, you can just come and enjoy as many of the regular classes as you wish! If you are not a member, you can still come to the classes but you need to pay £5 at the beginning of each class. Please bring cash with you, since we can't accept card payments.

8) How can I buy the membership?
You can buy it directly from this page - just click on the "Join this group" option above. Alternatively, you can go to AUSA's reception at the Hub. You cannot buy your membership from a committee member.

9) Can non-students buy our membership?
Yes, non-students are allowed to buy a membership for our society. Similarly to students, everyone who wants to join a society has to buy the Societies Union Membership too (which is for administration costs). For students this is £3 but for non-students, the fee is £8.

If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us on our facebook group, to send us an email to:, or to contact us personally: Neli Peytchinova (President), André Pereira (Secretary) and Inês Rebelo (Treasurer).