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What is Bridge?

Bridge is a card game played by four players in two competing partnerships. It is played with a standard deck of 52 cards and aims on taking as many of the 13 available points (called „tricks”) as possible. Every round, a card is played by each player and the highest one of the four wins the trick. It requires strong analytical skills and an ability to work with a partner. So far, bridge is one of the only two games given a "mind sport" status by the International Olympic Committee.

What do we offer?

Our main goal is to train a new generation of bridge players at the University of Aberdeen. To achieve this, we’ll provide you with weekly free of charge classes and practices. There, you would test your current bridge skills and learn new bridge techniques. Gradually, we’ll start introducing you to casual tournaments, which will then lead to more serious competitions in the future. We're providing these services free of charge thanks to the generous support of Aberdeen Bridge Club. 

Note: All events will be organised online 

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Current Committee:

President - Mai-Liis Liiser

Treasurer - Sofie Krogsgaard

Social Media Officer - Susan Macfarlane

Secretary - Issy Halfhide