Welcome to the Ice Skating Society!

Whether you are looking to try out a new sport or you're already a pro, then ice skating is the perfect match for you! 

Due to the current goverment restrictions and the Aberdeen Linx Ice Arena being closed, at this time we are only offering a social membership.

 Social Membership Perks 

  • Access to new, weekly off-ice content to prepare you for skating next semester.
  • Online socials and events with the society
  • Sponsorship and membership discounts


 What to expect in semester 2 

We are hoping that by next semester the Linx Ice Arena will be open and available for the society to use, we are all desperate to get back on the ice!

We plan to train twice a week, as follows:

  • Off-ice sessions: Off-ice sessions are just as important as on-ice training! During these sessions we'll work on our strength, balance and flexability with the help of equipment such as spinners and jump ropes. We'll also practice routines and moves that will later be performed on ice!  We plan to train one evening a week on campus for 1-2 hours, sessions will be livestreamed for those that can't attend in person training. 
    In the past, after off-ice sessions, we'd make a trip to The Bobbin (one of our sponsors!) for some food and drinks, we hope to do this again next year!
    Time and location: TBC
  • Ice sessions: Ice sessions will take place at Linx Ice Arena (Beach Esplanade) where skaters will be divided into groups based on skill level, so don't worry if you've never stepped a foot on ice! Ice sessions will be coached by the rinks team, with opportunities throughout the semester to be graded to find out your skating level.
    Time: TBC

We are also hoping to take part in a compitition next year, where you will have the opportunity to plan, practise and perform a routine, whether on your own or in a group, in a competitive setting with other universities across Scotland. The perfect way to show off your progress to your friends and family!


 Price List for Semester 2 

Next semester, we will have skating memberships on offer, as well as the social membership if you are not able to attend ice sessions but would still like to join in on socials and profit from society perks, discounts and our sponsors.

  • Skating membership including skate hire - £70
  • Skating membership with own skates - £60
  • Social membership - £10
  • NISA Skate UK booklets which allow you to check your skill level and track your progress throughout the semester are available to purchase for £1.80
(Price list is subject to change.)

For more information or queries, please visit our Facebook or Instagram or drop us an email at icesoc@outlook.com!