About us

We invest money in the world's financial markets and act as an educational, career oriented, platform for students.


  • Develop an education programme which will provide our members with core skills and knowledge relevant in the finance industry.
  • Allow our members to experience investment management in a live environment through the AUTIC Investment Fund.
  • Provide our members with external speakers, conference delegations and other supplementary learning opportunities.
  • Provide our members with access to former AUTIC members through our Alumni Network. 


Students from all degree disciplines and levels are welcome.


For more information, news and events please find us on:

    Our Facebook page                          Our Website                               Our OneDrive


If you have any queries, do not hesitate to get in touch with one of our committee members: 

  • Ryan Knox, President                                  
  • Jamie Lumsden,Vice President                                       
  • Rhonan Bennett, Chief Investment Officer          
  • Eeva Aarnio, Secretary                                    
  • Julia Kihlstrom, Treasurer                                              
  • Honza Vanek, Media & Marketing Executive