Women in Science and Engineering (AUWISE)


Aberdeen University Women in Science and Engineering Society (AUWISE), here to encourage the next generation of talented female STEM students at the University of Aberdeen.

Who are we?
An interdisciplinary group of students promoting gender equality in STEM disciplines.

What do we do?
Our main goal is to help decrease the gender gap that exists in STEM related fields, primarily by encouraging and supporting female STEM students at the University of Aberdeen.

How do we do that?
We do that by organising networking events with companies, workshops and talks by inspiring researchers to help our members develop their professional network. We aim to create a strong supportive community of students and therefore help the next generation of women in STEM to develop successful and fulfilling careers.

And who are you?
- A STEM student at the University of Aberdeen. 
- Studying a different degree but still interested in STEM subjects?
- A student looking for new career opportunities?
- A fresher wanting to join an interdiscplinary group of like-minded students?

Then join us for an opportunity to network with professionals from leading companies, create a valuable addition to your CV and get inspired with different career ideas.

Join our mailing list here: https://forms.gle/NFCCyHz1NDz5iFdJ7