We are the Celtic Society!

Our aim is to create a friendly and social environment for people to follow and widen their own personal interest in different fields relating to the Celtic nations' culture, history, languages and traditions.

We meet every Thursday at 7pm at the Red Lion (130 Spital, Aberdeen AB24 3JU) for an informal and social gathering.


2018 is our 165th Birthday Year and as such we want to make our Society bigger and better than ever and we need your help! So join us and let us know what you want to do! 


We are proud to say that we will be hosting the Scottish Universities Folk Festival (SUFF) in the academic year 2018/2019 and will need help from our Society to make it work, if you have any interest in helping or ideas for the festival please let us know by email.


Look out for some events coming up that we are planning:

- Six Nations Rugby - just us and our friends sitting in the pub watching the games and shouting for whichever nation we want to win! (One of the Celtic ones obviously! *Scotland*)

- Informal lectures/seminars on various aspects relating to Celtic countries, cultures, languages etc!

- Trips to various places if there is interest!

- Celebration events for the end of term and National days, we have two in March let us know what you want to do for them!


Find us on social media:

Facebook: @AUCelticsociety
Twitter: @AUCelticSociety
Instagram: @aucelticsociety