Who are we?

The Cyber Security Society, CSS for short, is an educational place where like-minded individuals interested in the information security field can learn from each other and form new life-long connections.

What do we do?

We take part in CTFs, wargames, conferences, and much more. We hope to get all of our members certified in CompTIA A+ and therefore we provide training for this course.

Why should you join?

If you have even the slightest interest in cyber security then you will find this society beneficial for you as we will provide you with life skills and connections that will further your career path. Information security is not only for coders and computing students; it spreads out through many other subjects such as law, engineering, and physics. If you are interested in entering hackathons as a team or are looking to help out in different projects then this is the society for you. We hope to see you there :)