English Literature Society

As a society, we endevour to showcase as much of the literary talent in Aberdeen as we can. If you join up, expect emails about pub quizzes we'll be hosting and workshops we'll be running, and our performance nights. Our membership fee is the price of a vodka and coke so don't hesitate to join up with us, in doing so you'll be privy to dicounts, nights out, cheap entry to clubs, cheap food, and most importantly, you'll get good friends and a good laugh out of it. 

Our most popular event we run is the Performance Nights at the Blue Lamp, which we host every month. Playing to a packed audience are some of the most talented wordsmiths, comedians, rappers, bands and artists that we can find and we promise you a brilliant night out, ending with a dance and drinks at a club afterwards. 

In the summer, we try to plan as many outdoor literary events as possible, with plans to take trips up the coast on poetry workshops, picnics, and BBQ's by the river (with some added swimming), and outdoor word tennis. However, winter is where it really gets started, with cosy book groups, festive quizzes, and themed nights. You really don't want to miss out! 

You can join us through AUSA or in the Student Union, and give our facebook page a like as we keep it updated throughout the term. 

Can't wait to meet you all!