This is the German Society at the University of Aberdeen

Language enthusiasts! Fans of German, Swiss or Austrian culture! Or people wanting to practice German! The German Society welcomes you and is looking forward to your enthusiasm and passion for all things German related! 

Join our little society this year! Attend one of our very lockdoown-, screen-, time- friendly and totally hassle free events. Be part of our little community and help keep the society alive! Be it a language tandem, a casual chat or even a quiz, we have lots to offer and are happy to adjust our programmes to suit your interests! 

If this does not sound appealing, why not try to enhance your CV & transferable skills by becoming a member of our society committee and get your work recognised by a STAR award + on your enhanced transcript?

Membership is currently free for the whole academic year, but you still need to `buy` it through AUSA.

For any questions, or raising your interest in committe positions, check out our Facebook page or drop us an email to