Now you've run away from home, it's clearly time to join the circus! Want to learn to juggle? Get into aerials? Play with poi and diabolo? No experience necessary! Come and have a go at anything you've ever fancied! Learn new skills and have fun!

Don’t tell your parents but we do play with fire…


Training times as follows;

Monday: 7-9pm at Hillhead GP Hall

Thursday: 7-9pm at Hillhead GP Hall 


Weekly workshops 2018:

Workshops are open for anyone interested in learning circus skills. The workshops are aimed for beginners but feel free to tag along even if you're more experienced!

Workshops are organized every Thursday 7-8pm at GP Hall in Hillhead. Check out our Facebook page for more information!

13th of September: Introduction to Diabolo

20th of September: Introduction to Poi

27th of September: Introduction to Juggling (balls)

4th of October: Introduction to Staff Spinning

11th of October: Introduction to Cardistry and Card Throwing

18th of October: Introduction to Hula Hoop Manipulation

25th of October: Introduction to Balance Props

1st of November: Juggling Continued

8th of November: Diabolo Continued

15th of November: Balloon Animal Workshop


Aerials and acrobatics are taught in collaboration with Inverted.

As a society member you'll currently receive 45% discount of all their classes and you will also be able to attend private workshops they organize for the society. Find out more about their classes at


We do fire and LED performances, juggling workshops and even the mysterious art of magic!

Contact us for details!

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