Not just for girls, not just about robots...

(The name is misleading)

A student-run, not-for-profit, organisation that aims to inspire and encourage young girls to take STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) subjects throughout their education and pursue it as a career.


How do we do this?

We will visit local schools to conduct fun and engaging STEM based workshops for all ages and genders.We hope to show kids the fun side of STEM through our activities that will cover basic science concepts and coding.


Why do we do this?

We aim to bridge the gender imbalance in STEM. Only 13% of STEM careers consists of women. By having the right role models, we can show our local community that STEM is not just for men. 


Why join us?

Robogals Aberdeen is a volunteering chapter that is a part of an international community, with chapters based in Australia, USA, Japan and more! Robogals is unique to the volunteering sector as you will be experiencing first hand what it is like to make a difference. Forget your cake sale!!! This is much more rewarding. 

Not only will this be fun, with your Robogals diary, documenting your workshop experiences, you will have a portfolio to show what you have achieved which will go hand in hand with your CV and application to jobs and placements etc....


Please do not hesitate to contact us via or join our volunteers group on! 


We hope to see you at our workshops and training sessions!