Shared Planet Society acts as a platform for social and environmental activism and cultural exchange.

It has a volunteer-run café that offers cheap, healthy and ethical food every two Wednesday at the Chaplaincy.

We also run a Food Co-op called the Corner where you can buy a wide range of low waste products, fairtrade or organic. It is entirely run by volunteers, we always need new faces to join us!

We provide Veggie Bag every week on campus working with a local and organic farm in Aberdeenshire, you can pop by our Food-Coop to order or buy it online (

At the hub, we manage a Swap Shop. The concept is simple, if you need clothes, kitchen wares, accesorries you can browse thorugh our small shop and take what you need. If you have extra stuff at your home, you don't use or don't need, you can drop it in our shop in one of the donation box. No money is involved!


Apart from those initiatives, Shared Planet is involved in other campaigns about environmental and social justice:we organise potlucks, film screenings throughout the year.