Sports Blues & Colours


The prestigious Sports Union Blues are awarded to sportsmen and women who have reached the highest level in their field. Every year the applications are always of an immensley high level and we at the Sports Union are sure that this new year will be no exception.  Students balancing a full-time degree while playing at Scottish and British University level with some representing their country at full international level is a tremendous feat, representing the exceptional sporting talent within Aberdeen University. The Blues Awards are presented each year at the annual Sports Union Blues Ball and this is later followed by a reception at the Principal's house.

Colours Awards

The AUSA Sport Colours Awards are for individuals who have made an outstanding contribution to their club or to Sport at Aberdeen. The award takes into account not only sporting performance and achievement but also positions of responsibility, fundraising and developing new players among others. They are awarded at two levels, Colours and Colours with Distinction and are presented each year at the Sports Union AGM.

Blues Awards Winners 2009-10


Daniel Sutherland - Basketball 
Mark Reynolds - Basketball 
Niall Shannon - Rugby 
David Reekie - Rugby 
Alastair Johnston - Fencing 
Rebecca Wain - Fencing 
Tom Gale - Rifle 
Iain Garioch - Athletics
Ann Gardiner - Ultimate Frisbee 
Katherine Atkin - Boxing
Grant Jamieson - Cricket 


Fin Hay - Rugby 
Erlend Oag - Rugby 
William Wardlaw - Rugby 
Kathleen Boyd - Ski and Snowboard
Abeer Rehan - Rifle 
Fiona Park - Rifle 
Alex Stewart - Rifle 
James Joy - Athletics 
Bernadette Bowman - Shinty 
Graeme Tomlinson - Cricket