Aberdeen Medics Football Club is the football club designed specifically for members of the medical and medical sciences faculties, with more flexible training and matches to boot. Having been a semi-serious social club for many years, involving mostly weekly kickabouts, five years ago leading members of the club formed a new football team to play competitively along side the main social aspect. With far greater success than anyone expected, the Medics team are now a fully fledged University XI, playing within the BUCS set up, as well as various medical school tournaments throughout the year (NAMS and SNIMS), as well as various friendlys and, (all new for 2016) entered into an as yet unnamed cup! 

Lead by our courageous President Kerr, we strive to give any keen footballer in the two faculties the chance to play social football throughout the year, play competitive BUCS and cup football, two MASSIVE weekends away at SNIMS and NAMS, socials every wednesday and be a member of a club with a rich and hilarious history. 

Now, your probably thinking 'Why don't I just play uni football?', and here is why: 

  • Eternal Glory: Why plug away anonymously for a start in a uni 2nd/3rd/10th XI when you can be part of a successful NAMS/SNIMS team, become friends with half of the medical school and also have the possibility of being inducted into our Hall of Fame - how many Uni teams have one of those?
  • SNIMS and NAMS: Until you've been, you won't quite appreciate just how good these two weekends are - and they are the stuff of legends. A bit of football, visit a new city and 2 massive nights out - November in Scotland for SNIMS and the UK in April. Don't miss it.
  • Many and varied socials: Our social sec Michael Dodds knows the score - ranging from quizes to bar crawls to just a good old fashioned 'Paddy Kerr Basement Pre', theres always something on the calendar, so you social butterflys dont miss out. 
  • Sponsorships: With new spanking Institute Cards and a Revs Sponsorship theres no better time for a wednesday nightout with AUMFC thanks to a large food and drink discount at Vodka Revs and a cracking discount at Institute throughout the week. 
  • Membership: In our slightly crueller moments as a committee we consider raising the membership higher than £25 a year. But then we remember that every other club is bleeding you dry so we make your money go as far as possible. Why pay £100 for uni football when you can pay £25? Think of that extra money for Wednesday nights.

Not quite completely sold on eternal glory? Well we've only won SNIMS countless times, been finalists at NAMS, got to the quarterfinals of a national cup and been promoted in BUCS - not bad for a club less than 5 years old!

If your interested (you've read till here so I'll assume you do), go ahead and like our facebook page; and fire either d.coates.14@aberdeen.ac.uk or p.kerr.14@aberdeen.ac.uk as there always happy to answer questions.

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