Taekwon-Do (ITF) is a Korean military martial art of self-defence. At AUTKD we have an active training and social lifestyle as well as committed instructors with varied teaching styles to ensure the best progress for you! For more information about AUTKD, please check out our  Website, Facebook page and Instagram.

Everyone is welcome to train with us, whether you have previous experience or not and all fitness levels are welcome and you can join at any time of the year. Your first two sessions are completely free, and there is no obligation to join afterwards, so please come down and give it a go during any of our training times. All you need is appropriate gym clothes and some water, we train in bare feet so no need to worry about shoes. 

If you have any queries, just send us an email or message on Facebook and we will be sure to answer them quickly. Our email address is: taekwondo@ausa.org.uk

We offer two free Give It a Go Sessions for everyone! If you wish to Give Taekwon-Do a Go, contact us!

- please note: After two trial sessions, you must buy an annual membership in order to continue training, this is for insurance and safe practice. Semester training fees do not cover for insurance for AUTKD or AUSA, therfore purchase of an annual membership is neccesary. 

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Training Times at Butchart Recreation Centre 

Mondays 19:30-21:30

Thursdays 17:30-19:30

Sundays 14:30-16:30


Purchasing Doboks (Training suit)

When ordering a dobok, you will be asked to specify a size (3-7). The sizing guidelines are below:

Size 3 (up to 160 cm/5'3" - 5'6" height)

Size 4 (up to 170 cm/5'6" - 5'10" height)

Size 5 (up to 180 cm/5'10" - 6'0" height)

Size 6 (up to 190 cm/6'0" - 6'4" height)

Size 7 (200 cm and above /6'4" and above height)