What’s the difference between this club and a traditional martial arts club ?

The concept of All-Round Fighting Club is the pragmatic ‘no-nonsense’ answer to the proliferation of ‘styles’ and ‘instructors’ that claim to teach a martial art, in which they do little fighting. They prefer to instead to talk of ‘form’ or ‘kata’. This is merely a magician’s slight of hand to distract you from their lack of budo. The budo aspect is held in high respect and permeates through every part of our training. This separates us from the MMA clubs which concentrate on fighting only. What is budo ? For now, think of it as of ‘discipline and respect’. No mysticism, abstract movements or ‘touch of death’ ki strikes – just esprit de corps. This being said, our club is open to all different experience levels. Whether you are interested in learning a few techniques for self-defense or you want to train and eventually compete in MMA, we have a range of opportunities depending on what you are looking for.


Do I have to be fit to join the club ?

Don’t get caught in the trap of thinking that you need to get fit to join us. That usually means you are simply seeking an excuse not to train. Turn up, let us worry about your fitness.


Are there separate classes for women ?

No. We operate a egalitarian and pluralistic policy. Gender, race, looks, etc., are of no consequence in the dojo. Hanshi hates everyone equally! – Joke!.


When will the training sessions take place ?

Tuesday 19:30-21:30 - wrestling

Wednesday 13:30-15:30 - open mat

Thursday 19:30-21:30 - striking

Saturday 14:30-16:30 - mma


Where will the trainings be held at ?

Trainings will take place at the Butchart Recreation Centre on University Road. 


What gear do I need ?

At the first training session: nothing apart from a pair of shorts/a track-suit bottom and a comfortable t-shirt. If you want to join we'll direct you to getting the necessary equipment.


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