Aberdeen University Basketball Club consists of 6 different teams. With so many teams who compete at different levels both in BUCS and Aberdeen local league, you are bound to find a team that suits your playing style!

The Teams:

Women’s 1st Team
(Cpt) Marta Weyer

Women’s 2nd Team
(Cpt) Nya Gnaegi

Women’s Grampian Local League
(Cpt) Marta Weyer


Men's 1st Team
(Cpt) Alex Agueros

Men's 2nd Team
(Cpt) Jack Riddell

Men's 3rd Team
(Cpt) Aleksi Lundqvist

Men’s Grampian Local League
(Coach) Alex Glansk


The Committee: 

President: Rachael Brady

Vice-President: Kate Wilson

Treasurer: Luigi Mazi

Secretary: Ben Johnston

Social Secretaries: Lazlo JF, Gregor Vickerstaff & Corina Taggart

Fundraisers: Scott Angus & Katja Fredrikson

PR & Social Media: Nora Tabbarra



Women's teams 1-2 and Men's teams 1-3 train at Aberdeen Sports Village on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and compete in BUCS.

Men's Grampian trains on Thursday mornings at ASV


Join us at: https://www.ausa.org.uk/sports/6244/

Follow on Instagram: @abdnunibasketball, https://www.instagram.com/abdnunibasketball/