UPDATE FOR 2021-2022:

- We are recruit qualified all years around

- We can not get any beginners at this point but try again in September, please

- If you are a driver we will give you an hard discount on our week trip in Oban this april please get in touch to see if you qualify


NOTE: Please do not purchase a membership until you have spoken to one of our committee members about joining the club! Buying a membership DOES NOT guarantee participation with the club and is non-refundable! Please email us for more information.

Aberdeen University Sub-Aqua Club (AUSAC) is a branch of the British Sub Aqua Club (BSAC) and offers some of the cheapest diving around! Not only does the club welcome new trainees every year but we also welcome experienced divers from other clubs and organisations with crossover courses and lots of diving! 

So if you've ever thought about learning to SCUBA dive or are already a trained diver, get in touch! We have many members and instructors and recruit new divers each year through "try dives" at the Aquatics Centre at Aberdeen Sports Village and provide lots of opportunities for advancement from your current qualifications. We’re active all year round with trips around the coast of Scotland to famed reefs, wrecks, sea lochs and many other wonderful sites! We have BCDs, regulators, tanks and air fills available for members.