Underwater Hockey

Want to try something differentfun and exciting? Come and play Underwater Hockey (also known as Octopush), the ultimate team sport! It involves 6 players working as a team, holding their breath, and manoeuvring a lead puck along the bottom of a swimming pool.

We are probably one of the most versatile sports clubs at the university - offering both casual and competitive play, as well as an active social calendar. We have come 3rd for five years running at the British University Nationals and are the top Scottish university team. However we welcome new players and those just wanting to play for fun. Most of our members have never played when they first attend.

You don't need any equipment to come along and try, but we suggest that you do buy the kit if you want to persue the sport!

We train at Sport Village's Aquatic Center:

Mondays - 9.00 - 10.20 in 25m/dive pool

Thursdays - 7.30 - 9.00pm in 50m pool

Membership doesn't have to be paid until the end of September so feel free to come along on either or both of our sessions to get a taste for the sport! Please arrive 15 mins earlier than the above mentioned slots in order to get kitted up and in the pool on time.

Find us on facebook-  Aberdeen University Underwater Hockey