Karate is a Japanese Martial Art, focused on using full body techniques to deliver effective strikes and blocks. It can be trained as a combat sport, method of self defense and/or for fitness and flexibility.




The club is affiliated with the NKI (National Karate Institute), whose Chief Instructor is Ronald Watt (Hanshi, 9th Dan).
Hanshi Watt has trained thousands of students and led the Scottish team to lift many medals at international competition.
He has received awards from both the Queen of Great Britain (Order of the British Empire) and the Japanese Government (Order of the Rising Sun).
Gradings are ratified by the NKI and there is the opportunity to attend NKI classes and courses.
This allows formal training to continue outside of the university term.


AUKC Training Times


Friday 4-6pm Butchart MMA Hall

Sunday 9:30-11am Butchart MMA Hall


Any inquires about training times can be sent to the email address:


Sessions are taken by NKI Instructors:
Ronald Watt (Hanshi, 9th Dan, OBE, ORS)
Grant Conroy (Sensei, 5th Dan)
Charlie Abel (Sensei, 5th Dan)




Beginners are advised to wear loose-fitting clothes that are easy to move around in.
Jewellery and wearable technology should not be worn, unless for medical reasons.
The club provides gloves for sparring, but you are welcome to bring your own.
You do not need to purchase a Gi (karate suit) to train in. However, if you wish to do so, reasonably priced ones are available from Amazon and Decathlon.




The club aims to take part in various competitions throughout the year.
In particular, those organised by BUCS (British University & Colleges Sport), SSS (Scottish Student Sport) and NKI.




The club mainly trains and teaches in the Shotokan style, but members from other stylistic backgrounds are welcome.
The classes take a solid traditional, self-defence approach to karate while still preparing those who wish to compete in competitions.


Committee members


President: Ross Stewart

Vice President: Joseph Fitzgibbon





If you have any additional questions, please drop us an email at karate@ausa.org.uk.



Facebook: www.facebook.com/groups/AUKarateClub/

Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/aberdeenunikarate

NKI Website: http://www.karate.scot/