The club is affiliated to both the STKF (Scottish traditional karate federation) and JKA (Japan Karate Association)


The club mainly trains and teaches in Shotokan style but we are also open to other styles. Our aim is to integrate them into the teaching, studying and incorporating assets of each style into the material covered. As such, we emphasise the notion of sharing skills and information rather than an individual teaching the class. 

We also incorporate a defence system known as Functional Edge system into the materials covered.  From this world-recognised and well-established system, we aim to supplement the sessions and strengthen our understanding of the techniques learnt.

Training times

Regular Training:

Wednesday 13:30-15:30 KIngs Rugby Pitches

Saturday 6-7pm via zoom


Self-defence      TBC

Fitness             TBC


Beginners are advised to wear loose fitting clothes that are easy to move around and for those that intends to join the club we recommend buying a Gi (£10). This will help build your identity as a martial arts practitioner as well as encourage unity among the members.

Experienced members are also welcomed to bring their own personal equipment


For those who wish to go up the ranks/belts, gradings are done four times a year with UKTKF down in Perth with Kawasoe Sensei.

Gradings are not compulsory, however we strongly recommend that those who aspire to improve on their skill and development experience to attend gradings as many as you can.  Gradings are a means of physically showing achievement throughout your time at the club, and is a highly satisfying experience where dedication is directly rewarded with a new coloured belt.  The more you train, the more you gain – it is even possible to reach Black belt by the time you graduate!


There are a number of competition occurring in the UK. The two main competition that the club aims for are the BUCS (British University & Colleges Sport) and SSS (Scottish Student Sport).

We have had successes in both competitions in the previous year (we came third as a group in SSS!!) and it is in our scope to involve more beginners as well as experienced individuals to these competitions. 

Participants need to have graded a minimum of one time before being able to participate in the competitions.


We will head to the newly furbished pub, the Bobbin, after every Wednesday session. This is a fantastic opportunity to mingle with everyone, get to know your fellow Karate-ka and make new friends.

We also aim to have regular social events to help boosts the bond and connection not only between members but also with the other martial art clubs.  We have a sponsorship at the Underground Klub/Bridge Street Social Club, where we will have these social events.  

Membership Costs

For students, the membership fee of the club for the whole year is only £20.

There is also an admin and insurance charge of £15.00 to be paid to the SU. This applies to all sports club and is only required to be paid once regardless of the number of sports club joined.

Why join?

If you haven’t already been swayed to join the Karate club reading the above, here’s why we think you should join our club in a nutshell:
- Karate -> highly recognised discipline
- Teach ‘legit’ self defence

- Connection with world-recognised teachers outside Aberdeen
- Fun socials (eg. the Black Belt challenge, White T-shirt Night.  Intrigued?)
- British/Scottish Uni level competitive achievements

- Finding new friends
- Best way to enhance your student-life experience!

If you have any additional questions, please drop us an email on or our facebook group