The club is affiliated with the NKI (National Karate Institute).



The club mainly trains and teaches in the Shotokan style, but members from other stylistic backgrounds are welcome. We aim to integrate new members into the classes and emphasise the motion of sharing skills and information while still having a coach to run the classes. The classes take a solid traditional, self-defence approach to karate while still preparing those who wish to compete in competitions.


Training times 

We are now having training every TUESDAY, 6:30 pm-8 pm in DANCE STUDIO at Butchart recreational centre. The last training session of the year will be on the 26th. If you are unsure about this location, ask the reception so they can guide you. Training is taken by Ronnie Watt Hanshi, Charlie Abel Sensei and Grant Conroy Sensei from NKI. 


Beginners are advised to wear loose-fitting clothes that are easy to move around, and for those that intend to join the club, we recommend buying a Gi (about £10). This will help build your identity as a martial arts practitioner and encourage unity among the members. Please let one of the committees know if you would like to buy one.

Experienced members are also welcome to bring their equipment.



Gradings are also done in Aberdeen (at the main club of NKI) for those who wish to go up the ranks/belts. Gradings are not compulsory; however, we strongly recommend that those who aspire to improve on their skill and development experience attend gradings as many as they can. Gradings are a means of physically showing achievement throughout your time at the club and are a highly satisfying experience where dedication is directly rewarded with a new coloured belt. The more you train, the more you gain. It is even possible to reach the Black belt by graduating!



Several competitions are occurring in the UK. We aim to participate in the BUCS (British University & Colleges Sport) and SSS (Scottish Student Sport).

This year, although the situation we have currently is uncertain, it is still in our scope to involve both beginners and experienced individuals in these competitions.

Participants need to have graded a minimum of one time before being able to participate in the competitions.



We hope to have at least a few sessions per month, either online or face to face. This is a fantastic opportunity to mingle with everyone, get to know your fellow Karate-ka and make new friends.


Membership Costs

For students, the club's membership fee for the whole year is only £20 and £15 for one semester. You can pay through this website.


There is also an admin and insurance charge of £15.00 to be paid to the SU. This applies to all sports clubs and is only required to be paid once regardless of the number of sports clubs joined.

Licences and Insurance

In addition to the membership, you will be asked to pay for licences and insurance (£12 per year) to National Karate Institute. This should be directly delivered to our coach after you decide to join.


Committee members

President: Lisa Hoppe 

Vice President: Akos Berta

Secretary: Rebecca Peedle 

Treasurer: Amy-Lee French 


Why join?

If you haven’t already been swayed to join the Karate club reading the above, here’s why we think you should join our club in a nutshell:
- Karate -> a highly recognised discipline
- Teach ‘legit’ self-defence
- Fun socials
- British/Scottish Uni-level competitive achievements

- Finding new friends
- The best way to enhance your student-life experience!

If you have any additional questions, please drop us an email at


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