Aberdeen University Triathletes was formed in 1990 and has since provided quality training, competitive racing and lively socials for all members. AUTRI welcomes all abilities and we are proud to introduce as many people as possible to multisport events.

We offer 5 regular training sessions every week, covering all aspects of triathlon as well as encouraging participation in local ParkRuns or team social cycles. We are very proud of our recent connections with Deeside Phoenix swim team and Aberdeen University Athletics club who are helping us to provide our members with even better training.

Monday: Spin 7pm -8pm in ASV Spin Studio 

OR Run 8pm-9pm on ASV track 

Wednesday: Swim 7pm - 8:30pm ASV swimming pool

Thursday: Spin 7pm-8pm ASV Spin Studio

Friday: Swim 7pm-8:30pm ASV swimming pool 

Keep an eye out for events and socials and come along to meet other triathletes and our committee members in the usual student way; usually involving a drink, or two or maybe even three etc and probably pasta (or PoTaToEs!

So, for quality training sessions, subsidised race entry, lively socials and more... sign up to Aberdeen University Triathletes! 

For more information, see the AU Triathlon Facebook page, join our Facebook group: Aberdeen University Triathletes or email us at triathlon@abdn.ac.uk

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