Polo: Rougher than Rugby. Faster than Hockey. Sexier than Golf.

The Numbers: Honestly, we can’t verify the accuracy of that statement but the truth is that polo is a fast, full contact sport that has a lot to offer anyone who is up for the challenge. Essentially, a match is divided into chukkas - periods of play lasting 7 minutes each - a chukka consists of 2 teams, each with 4 players on horseback travelling up to 35mph around a pitch the size of 3 football fields all while riding into each other and trying to hit 1 tiny ball into the opposing teams goal.

New To Polo: The good news is that the game moves at the speed of the players so it’s really easy for beginners to get involved, no riding or polo experience is needed and you can borrow all the equipment you need. AU Polo members can play as much or little as they like with plenty of opportunity for trips away and competition for those who want it. As may be expected with polo, there’s a great social scene with a number of black tie events on the calendar taking us all over the uk but most of our socials make up for their lack of glamour with a mix of alcohol, bad themes and worse dancing (I said ‘honestly’ after all).

Get Involved: All you need to do is get in touch with us and come along for a taster lesson, there will be a number of these at the beginning of term but you can get involved at any time so just ask for the next training dates. We hold training sessions at least once a week (Wednesdays and occasional weekend training) - we meet outside ASV and there will be a small charge for transport to our training ground where you will be taught on polo ponies by a professional polo coach – lesson prices can be confirmed by contacting us. We can be contacted via our facebook page, by emailing our official email address listed above.