Swimming & Waterpolo

Welcome to the University of Aberdeen’s Swimming and Water Polo Club.

We pride ourselves on offering aquatic opportunities for all students to enjoy swimming regardless of ability and invite anyone of any skill level to come along and swim with us.

We are a two sport club and try to encourage our members to get involved with both aspects opening up the group to a wider range of athletes. 

Both our swimming and water polo teams compete in leagues around Scotland and we promote a strong competitive aspect of the club while also allowing less confident swimmers to work on their skills and get in shape. 

In addition, two dedicated social secretaries ensure you’ll have as much fun out of the water as you do at training!

 Swimming & Water Polo Membership:

  • £80 annual
  • £45 single semester

**Limited time offer: £60 annual for any sign ups before 12/09/19**

Both of these memberships give access to:

  • weekly training sessions where team captains provide coaching and session plans
  • Specific gym times for weights training for those on the first teams

Members are welcome to attend any of the sessions below, regardless of their primary sport


Swimming Training Times:

  • Tue - 20:30- 22:00
  • Wed - 13:00- 14:30
  • Fri - 18:30- 20:00
  • Sun - 14:30- 16:00

Water Polo Training Times:

  • Mon - 07:00- 08:30
  • Wed - 14:30- 16:00
  • Thu - 21:00- 22:30


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