AUWC has been lifting hard and heavy since 2012, and is by far the strongest club at the uni (unbiased opinion, obviously). 

Come join us at the Butchart gym to get started on your journey of strength training! Strength training is whatever you make it, but at AUWC we believe it's best done with likeminded individuals who encourage you to become stronger both mentally and physically, while also supporting you on your way there. The club has grown steadily over the years, and we have developed a close-knit community who is welcoming to both new and experienced lifters. It doesn't matter if you've never lifted before, or if you've been training for years – AUWC is the place to be!

We usually have training sessions at the Butchart every day of the week, for both powerlifting and olympic weightlifting. Everybody is welcome to come along to our sessions to have a go at strength training, just message our FB page at

Looking forward to seeing you at training!