AUCC is a very active white water kayaking and canoe polo club open to paddlers of all experiences and skills levels. If you’re looking to try out a new adrenaline packed and thrill seeking sport you’re heading in the right direction!


If you’re already a pro in a boat - great! Come and get some awesome paddling done with some awesome paddlers. If you’re completely new to the sport then that’s also very normal and we’ll soon brush you up with the skills to be sending you down some gnarly white water by the end of the year. We hold river trips every week for varying abilities, and get to get out and see some of the most beautiful areas of Scotland while out on the water. 


As well as white water paddling we also have a strong competitive side in canoe polo. This year AUCC hold the champion titles in SSS for both men and women and are keen to defend our top position amongst the other Scottish universities. 


Although we’re named the ‘canoe club’, we don’t really do any canoeing! (where’s the adrenaline in that??), but if you’re looking for canoeing we recommend coming along anyway and we’ll soon enlighten you to the fact that kayaking is much, much better!


Our regular pool sessions are held in the dive pool at ASV Aquatics Centre;


  • Monday (20:00 - 21:00)
  • Thursday (19:30 - 21:00)


AUCC also has a very active social scene, with pub nights every week and two very carnage filled pub crawls and ceilidhs alongside regular nights out and meet ups. We’re often taking our members for weekends away outside of Aberdeen, to competitions and weekend boating trips around Scotland.


October - Freshers Weekend, for some easy beginner paddling for the whole club followed by wild fancy dress parties in the evening.

December - West Coast trip, more advanced boating to give experienced paddlers the opportunities to try something new and push themselves.

April - Tour, a week of camping and kayaking touring Scotland 


We are are incredibly easy going and relaxed club, intent on just enjoying our great sport. AUCC don’t ask for full commitment from members and our trainings aren’t obligatory, making it very easy to join alongside other sports you’re interested in! If you’re just wanting to try out a new sport, I would recommend giving us a try as we are also a great group of people. 


Hope to see you at one of our trainings! Please follow the Facebook page to see any updates or events, any queries don't hesitate to give us a message or email. 

Contacts  Email facebook (group) instagram