ABDN Staycation

My ABDN Staycation 

Sat 24th & Sun 25th October 

If you are self-isolating, your weekend doesn’t have to be boring! Whether you are isolating or not, why not consider this weekend to be a fun and/or relaxing “staycation”. To get the most out of your Staycation, we have put together some ideas to help you get planning. 


Make an Itinerary 

In order to get the most out of your staycation, like going on a holiday, why not create an itinerary which breaks down how you might split up your weekend. However, don’t push yourself to do too much! Consider if you have any jobs you need to get done first (like washing your dishes) before you can really enjoy your “mini break at home”. 


Do what makes YOU happy 

Whether its watching movies, cooking, writing, speak to friends or working out – use this time to do what makes you happy. How many of your favourite things can you add into your Staycation itinerary? 


Make it fun! 

If you are isolating with your flat mates, why not do your favourite activities but add a fun twist to make it more exciting. For example, instead of just watching a movie, why not try and recreate going to the theatre at home by creating cinema tickets and a movie menu! 



Like most holidays, why not try and disconnect from the outside word by limiting screen time. Avoid scrolling through Instagram for hours or refreshing Facebook every hour. Research proves that decreasing our screen time can improve our mental health and brain function. Take this time to unplug and recharge!  



Perhaps use part of your Staycation time to relax – in whatever way you like. Options could include – pampering (face mask), reading a book, yoga, chatting to family/friends or playing a video game. Do what helps you relax! 



As part of your staycation, it’s also important to move your body! Stretch, dance to your favourite music, or follow a workout video. Move how your body wants too! 


Ready Steady Cook 

If your flat is isolating together and you can’t go out for a meal, why not get together and try your hand at cooking up a two or even three course meal with all the random ingredients you have in your kitchen? 


Fresh Air  

If you are not isolating, why not take a walk and visit one of Aberdeen’s public parks or take a stroll down Aberdeen Beach esplanade. If you can’t get out, remember to open your window for a blast of fresh air – it can really help to improve your mood.