Winter Break Activities


Sabbatical Officers have organised lots of fun events during the winter break. Join Cecilia for her Addam's Family Netflix parties, play 'Among Us' with Ondrej or play a Murder Mystery with Rad.

We have plenty of great content as well. Keep an eye on our social media for cook-alongs, book and movie recommendations and much more. 


University has created a Winter Wellbeing Toolkit. You can find some ideas to help you with your Winter Wellbeing, but please remember if you need additional support you can contact one of the Support Services which are free to access for all students.


Christmas Card Competition

Recreate a traditional Christmas Picture and you could be in with a chance to win a free Domino's pizzas for you and everyone in your picture (only applies to humans, it is not recommended as a diet for pets or wild animals, and no more than 7 pizzas are being offered). Send your submissions to Cecilia via email before 18th December and keep an eye on our Facebook page to see who is the lucky winner!  

Winter Break Facebook Group

Sabbatical team has created and will manage a Winter Break Group for students. Whether you're staying in Aberdeen for the winter break, travelling home or anywhere else, please join the group. Use the group to connect with other people, share winter solidarity, find out about events during the break or share wholesome content. Feel free to ask any questions, there are so many nice spots to discover in Aberdeen even if you are on your own! 

AUSA Bake-off

Get your aprons on and show us you are a better baker than your Student President, Cecilia! Cecilia will show you a recipe for you to recreate. The winner and runner-up with the best vision and execution will win a gift card to Lakeland and Foodstory. There will be 3 chances to show off your baking skills and to snatch up this prize, so keep an eye on AUSA’s Instagram during the winter break!