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Education Officer

Donna is the elected representative of students at the University of Aberdeen on all matters educational.

Senate Digest - Jan 2017

Senate Digest


This digest provides a short summary of the outcome of the meeting of the Senate held on 25 January 2017. 

Approval of Minutes

The Senate approved the minutes of the meeting of ­.

Question to the Principal

A question was asked regarding changes in the number of professorial level staff within the institution over the last two years.  It was agreed that information would be collated and provided to Senate.

Update from the Principal

The Principal updated Senate members on the following:

  • The current situation with regard to Brexit, in particular in regard to staff mobility, student mobility and fees for EU students studying in Scotland, and access to research funding.
  • The current position on the consultation for the next Research Excellence Framework
  • The official opening of the new Rowett building.

Health, Safety & Wellbeing

Senate was updated on the success of the recent Health and Wellbeing day and the recently launched mental health support provisions.


Senate received a presentation on the Teaching Excellence Framework.  After discussion and a vote the Senate agreed that the University should not make a submission as part of the Teaching Excellence Framework.

Senate received a presentation on the New Science Building.

Report from the University Court

The Senate received an update from the Senate Assessors on the meeting of the University Court held on 6 December 2016, available here.

Following the Senate Assessors’ update, the Senate discussed the following items:

Proposal for an Overseas Campus in Rwanda

The Senate received a paper setting out further details of the proposal to establish a University of Aberdeen campus in Rwanda, working in partnership with TNE Limited.  Following discussion and a vote, the Senate agreed that the University should go ahead with the proposal to establish the campus in Rwanda with the caveat that no programme would be delivered in Rwanda without the agreement of the relevant Head of School and Programme Director, and the members of the School in question.  The full academic programme for year one will be brought to the next meeting of Senate.

Transnational Education Update

The Senate received a paper (available here) which provided an update on the current Transnational Education initiatives and their present state of development/future prospects. 

Report on the Outcome of the Senate Survey

The Senate received an update on the outcome on the Annual Senate Survey (available here).  Senate agreed that comments on the survey outcome would be gathered outside the meeting and that these would be forwarded to the Senate Business Committee for further consideration.

Any other items for discussion

Opportunity was provided for Senators to raise any general matters.  The Principal encouraged Senators to visit and add their support to the ‘Welcome Wall’ established in the Library as part of the ‘Scotland’s Universities Weldome the World’ initiative.  The Principal also encouraged Senators to submit name suggestions for consideration by the Honorary Degrees Committee.

Items for Routine Approval

The Senate approved (i) a report from the University Committee on Teaching & Learning concerning (a) changes to General & Supplementary Regulations as detailed in the Omnibus Resolution, and (b) proposed amendments to the format for course selection at levels 1 & 2, and (ii) an amended version of the “Delivery Partners: Principles and Procedures” handbook (available here).

Items for Information

The Senate noted two items for information as detailed here.  These related to:

  • A report from the University Committee on Teaching & Learning regarding the Teaching Excellence Framework and strategic issues
  • Items deferred by the Senate Business Committee to a future meeting.

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