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Education Officer

Donna is the elected representative of students at the University of Aberdeen on all matters educational.

November Blog

November Blog


Was interviewed and an article was published by The Gaudie on what my experiences of having ADHD at university.

Went to the Interfaith Kirking of the Students Association. This is where students from various religions come together and typically do readings with regards to their faith. All the Sabbactical Officers and members of Student Council are invited to this. It is a beautiful event, and have attended previously plus the free curry is very popular also.


Also Luke Humberstone the NUS Scotland Officer visited us to talk about our work, plans we had and any concerns also.

Also had a meeting about Safety on campus, this has resulted in lighting being improved across campus, more visible and increased security patrols, a big push with regards to the safezone app.

The Student Partnership is nearly finished and should be put to various committees including student council in the next semester.

Also attended the Aurora Network Conference with Lawson. The Network is 9 research focused institutions across Europe. The conference was in Norwich this year. Lawson and I both sit on the Aurora Student Council and the council are going to publish a position paper on sexual assault on campuses, summer exchanges for students to universities within the network and also an award for academic papers from students.


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Welfare Officer
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Communities Officer

Lewis Macleod is your full-time Communities Officer, running campaigns on community issues such as housing and transport, building links between AUSA and local community groups, as well as co-ordinating student initiatives on issues around environment and ethics. Lewis chairs the AUSA Communities committee and AUSA Environment and Ethics committee and sits on a range of University committees on issues realting to sustainability and local community isseus. 

Each year, sabbatical officers are elected on a platform of what they want to achieve for the year. You can find Lewis' manifesto below: 

Cut the Rent campaign for cheaper accommodation. 
Lobby against HMO limits in Aberdeen City 
Tackle illegal letting agency fees 

Resources and Services
More bike stands
Change 9U bus times to Foresterhill 
More student space

Ethical University 
Continue to support University staff and fight job cuts
Campaign for Fossil Fuel Divestment 

Local Community & Safety
New volunteering database and more opportunites available
Introduce affordable drug purity testing kits
Schools outreach liberation programme

If you have any questions, or wish to get involved - please get in touch on or find Lewis on Facebook at, or on Twitter at @ausacommunities

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Education Officer

Donna is the elected representative of students at the University of Aberdeen on all matters educational.

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Emma Lister is the elected student representative for Sport


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Student President

Lawson is the elected representative for the entire student body to the University, local community and on a national level.

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