As your Students' Association, we hold elections several times a year to elect individuals to represent you and your fellow students at the University of Aberdeen.

Class Rep Election 2017

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Elections 2016!

Getting involved doesn’t just have to be through clubs or volunteering! Taking part in how we shape our student democracy and creating policies in the benefit of students is vital in the development of our community. 

The Standing Committees are elected bodies who pro-actively ensure various aspects of the student experience are enhanced and maintained. We have a range of committees that you can run to get involved in - check out the committees and respective positions available below! 

Community Committee
Vice-Chair Community
First Year Community Representative
Foresterhill Community Representative
Ordinary Members (x11)                                                              [14 positions available]

Environment & Ethics Committee
Vice-Chair Environment and Ethics
Fossil Free Co-ordinator
Waste Officer
First Year Environment and Ethics Representative
Foresterhill Environment and Ethics Representative
Ordinary Members (x6)                                                                 [11 positions available]

Education Committee
Vice-Chair Education 
College of Arts and Social Science Postraguate Representative 
College of Life Sciences and Medicine Postgraduate Representative 
College of Physical Sciences Postgraduate Representative
First Year Representative
Ordinary Members (x3)                                                                [8 positions available]

Foresterhill Committee
Foresterhill Chair Executive Committee Position
Vice-Chair Foresterhill
Dentistry Representative
Medicine Representative 
Biomedical Sciences Convener
First Year Representative 
Ordinary Members (x8)                                                                  [14 positions available] 

Raising and Giving (RAG) Committee
RAG Chair Executive Committee Position
RAG Vice-Chair 
Ordinary Members (x9)                                                                  [11 positions available]

Societies' Union Committee
Societies Union Chair Executive Committee Position
Vice-Chair Societies
Societies Welfare Officer
First Year Representative 
Ordinary Members (x10)                                                                [14 positions available]

Sports Union Committee
Vice-Chair Sports
Vice-Chair (Physical Activity)
Blues Secretary
Alumni Convener
Fundraising Convener
Health and Fitness Convener
Publicity Convener
Travel Convener
Welfare Convener
Intramural Convener
Event and Social Conveners (x2)
Foresterhill Representative
First Year Representative                                                                 [14 positions available]

Welfare Committee
First Year Representative 
Foresterhill Representative 
Ordinary Members (x11)                                                                   [14 positions available]

All Standing Committee members sit on Student Council.

Student Council is responsible for considering and approving recommendations for AUSA policies to be ratified by the Trustee Board. It also holds the Sabbatical Officers accountable for their remits and manifestos. Being the primary decision making body comprised entirely of students for students, committee positions are an exciting opportunity to oversee some key changes.

To get involved in committees and student council all you need to do is run in our standing committee elections – to nominate, vote, and find out more keep an eye on this page!

Nominations open: Sunday 12th September 00:01 – Friday 16th September 12:00

Voting open: Monday 19th September 00:01 – Wednesday 21st September 17:00

If you have any questions, please contact our elections committee on elections@abdn.ac.uk

Our returning officer is: Nicholas Edwards (Assistant Registrar) n.edwards@abdn.ac.uk