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Communities Committee Elections 2019/20

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Ordinary Member (11 places)

Ordinary Member posts are non-portfolio roles within the committee that enable you to take a lead on the issues you are most passionate about within the Communities remit. Whether you have ideas for a new project or campaigns on transport in the city, outreach to community groups and local schools, housing issues, working issues, improving volunteering in the local area – or anything else to do with the local and student community – then get involved!

The Communities Committee acts as the bridge between student and local community. The committee organises campaigns on a range of issues such as housing, transport, workers' rights, student/community engagement and more! In 16/17, the Communities Committee worked on building a schools outreach programme, supported the Cut the Rent campaign in lobbying for cheaper halls, and launched a student workers campaign to support students that work part-time (or even full-time) while they study. Working together with different community groups and trade union branches, the Communities Committee seeks to get students involved in the local community - be that through volunteering, or political organising. 

If you have any questions, or want further information, contact the Communities Officer, Lewis Macleod, at ausacommunities@abdn.ac.uk              

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