Permaculture course 1: introduction to permaculture principles

Downstairs Meeting Room, Aberdeen University Chaplaincy

Wednesday 11 September 2019 at 3:30pm - 5:30pm

Permaculture course 1: introduction to permaculture principles

Come and learn about the principles of permaculture and how they can be used in designing spaces for sustainable food growing. No previous gardening experience required. Certificate of completion will be provided.

Permaculture is a set of design principles centred on whole systems, thinking, simulating or directly utilising the patterns and resilient features observed in natural ecosystems. It uses these principles in a growing number of fields from regenerative agriculture, re-wilding, and community. As a design process it helps design intelligent systems which meet human needs whilst enhancing biodiversity, reducing our impact on the planet, and creating a fairer world for us all.

People across the globe are creating thriving communities with permaculture.

This event is the first in a series of three events AberGreen invites you to attend, in order to gain a basic understanding of permaculture ethics and principles, and to be able to utilise theoretical and practical skills gained to grow your own food and support the growing initiative in the Secret Garden on campus.

As a gardening volunteer who completes this training, you could be eligible for the University's STAR Award scheme. Click here to find out how:

The event series will finish off with a visit to a local sustainability community

Those completing all three courses will be acknowledged by a certificate of competition provided by AUSA AberGreen.

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