What to expect if elected

April and June – Trustee Board Meetings 

As Incoming trustees, you will be invited to observe the remaining meetings of the academic year before you take post. It will be an opportunity to see how board meetings operate and what type of things are discussed before you take on your duties as a trustee. 

June – Handover 

This is a chance to shadow the person who currently holds the post and receive any information which they have to handover. It is also your chance for you to get to know your way around the office and meet key members of staff who will work with you and support your work before taking up post. 

July – Induction week 

During your first two weeks you will be provided with a range of training to introduce you to AUSA and your new role as a Sabbatical Officer. This training will include finance, constitution/byelaws, media training and a range of other topics. You will continue to receive training in the first few weeks and over the summer as you adjust to your new role. You will also attend training for Sabbatical Officers provided by the National Union of Students, where you will get a chance to meet with Sabbs from across the country and learn many useful skills for the year ahead. Back in Aberdeen, you will work together with the Staff Team to organise the upcoming Freshers' Week.