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RAM Newsletter: 29/10/14: Halloween. Bonfire Night. Do you play bass or drums?

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New event announcements expected at beginning of next week. In the meantime, here are some events of the next week...

Fri 31 Oct: Rock and Metal Halloween [featuring Metaltech + Watchfires] @ Moorings

The Moorings Bar have put together what looks to be a strong Halloween event, so Aberdeen University Rock and Metal Society will be attending as a group.  It will feature live music from 9pm and a clubnight until 3am.
The  bands include Metaltech, who are from Edinburgh and play industrial rock/metal. Watchfires play a more punk-based form of rock and are from Aberdeen. 
Our facebook event for it can be found here
Noah and Matthew will be meeting people outside the Hillhead Dome at 8pm.
I realise people will likely be in fancy dress, so may be slightly more difficult to identify. The executive committee members (President, Secretary & Treasurer) will also not be attending the Halloween due to other commitments that day. With this in mind, I have included photos of the committee members to look out for.
Noah looks like this

Matthew looks like this


Alternatively, if you are going straight to The Moorings Bar, look out for Karstin and Ross.
Karstin is somewhat unmistakable, unless a large number of people with dreadlocks similar to his turn up, which is unlikely.

Ross looks like this.



Wed 5 Nov: Fortnightly Meetup [Bonfire Night Special]  @ Aberdeen Beach + The Moorings Bar

On Wednesday 5th November, Rock and Metal Society will be watching the firework display at the beach from the hill between Pittodrie Football Stadium and The Beach Ballroom.
Our facebook event can be found here.
Matthew and Noah will once again be meeting people outside the Hillhead Dome and walking as a group (scroll up the page for photos of them), + Vilte (photo below) although this time at 7pm.
Alternatively, if you are coming from the other end of town, Victoria and Andrew will be meeting people at Castlegate, also at 7pm.
Victoria looks like this.


Andrew looks like this



Wednesday Musical Jams at Captain Toms - Are you a bass player or drummer?

Every Wednesday since the start of term, a group of people led by recently-elected Vice President, Ross have been jamming at Captain Toms rehearsal studio on Ann Street. By all accounts, this has been going well and the society band have been developing a repertoire of covers, with the intention of starting to write original material. Currently, there is enough people for about 1.5 bands, but not enough for 2. There is currently too many guitar players and it will be necessary to recruit another bass player and drummer to complete the lineup of a second band. If you are a bass player or drummer free on Wednesdays between 3-6pm. Contact Ross Valdas Krusna on facebook, or respond to this email.

Thu 4 Dec: Rock and Metal Christmas Party, featuring live music and afterparty until 2am @ Tunnels 2

We are bringing you a Christmas Party on the Thursday of revision week (you wont have any classes that week). It will feature 3 bands (one of which is the rock and metal society band that jam each Wednesday). Tristan (DJ Major Facial Hair) will also  be DJing between and after the bands. Put this date in your calenders. We will announce the rest of the bands + more details soon.
I look forward to seeing you at our upcoming events
Mark (RAM President)


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