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RAM Newsletter 7/10/14: October Events + EGM election info

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October Flyer October Flyer
Aberdeen University Rock and Metal Society: October Events?
Wed 8 Oct - Fortnightly Meetup @ The Moorings Bar
We go to The Moorings Bar every second Wednesday. Come along and join us this week. There is karaoke on during the night but you don't have to join in.
Check our facebook event for more details.
Fri 10 Oct - Rock and Metal Party @ Underground Club [venue changed!!!!]
Our biggest event in October is likely to be our Rock and Metal Party at Underground Club. Following the success of our Rock and Metal Freshers Party at Korova Bar, we are bringing you a similar event in October. This time the whole event will be in Underground Club.
Venue Change: Originally, this event was meant to be held in Korova Bar, as per freshers week, but we have been forced to move it to Underground Club. We are to use the second bar area of Underground Club and you must enter from the Windmill Brae entrance, down from To-Go takeaway and near some yellow flags. You wont be able to get into Underground Club via the main entrance on Bridge Street until it opens with the Crash Clubnight at 11.30pm. We are confident this venue change will work out well.
All the other details about the event remain the same, we just had to move a few floors lower down in the same building. We will have our resident society DJ Major Facial Hair (aka Tristan from ASR Mosh on the Radio) playing as many Rock and Metal requests as possible. You can requests songs on our facebook event page or by responding to this email.
The first part of night is going to be in Underground Club between 8.00-11.30pm. You must enter from the Windmill Brae Entrance during this time.
If you arrive after this time, you can use the main entrance on Bridge Street, as Underground Club opens with their Crash Friday Clubnight at 11.30pm. During Crash we will have a booth in the same area as we did on Freshers Week, which you will see when you first enter from Bridge Street.
Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM)
Between 8-9pm we will be hosting our Extraordinary General Meeting. Aberdeen University Rock and Metal Society is ran by a committee, the core of which is elected at our Annual General Meeting, which typically takes place in March. On Friday, we will however be electing some additional members to our committee. In order to stand you must be a Aberdeen University Rock and Metal Society Member, as well as a student at the University of Aberdeen. It is important we bring in some fresh perspectives to our committee, as well as building up the experience of some of our new members who can potentially take on  the key committee positions next year.
The committee positions that are up for election are as follows,
  • Vice President
  • First Year Rep
  • Web Admin
  • Graphic Designer
  • Minion
There are particular duties attributed to each role
The Vice-President will be expected to attend and participate in committee meetings. They will be involved in the running of the society from the front line by planning and attending events.

First Year Rep
The First Year Rep will be expected to attend and participate in committee meetings. This is a good way to learn how the running of the society works. It is important that the society is represented by students from all year groups on the society committee and the First Year Rep can bring the perspective of new students to the committee.

Web Admin
We currently have a website, as well as a facebook page, a page on the AUSA website and we send out regular emails. Taking care of this is time-consuming for the existing committee members and it would be good to have some additional help for this. Knowledge of html is not required as we used a free website-builder to make our website.

Graphic Designer
To date, we have managed to produce a range of flyers and posters. This is however time-consuming and we would like to do more of this than we are currently able to. Our Treasurer, Andrew McBain has produced most of our flyers and posters so far. If necessary, he will be able to help prospective candidates learn how to produce print-ready PDF's.

A minion is an ordinary committee member who doesn't have a particular set of duties formally attributed to them. Instead, a minion functions as an general helper

If you are interested in standing for any of these positions, please get in touch by emailing us or contacting an existing committee member on facebook. There is already a number of people confirmed to stand for some of the committee positions, but not all of them.
We would especially appreciate if people were willing to help out as a Web Admin or a Graphic Designer. You don't have to do this to a professional standard, but it would help if you have some idea what you are doing already. For the Web Admin, we are looking for someone who can write to a good standard, happy to use facebook often and are comfortable formatting news posts so they look nice and are easy to follow. You have to be willing to get the information out to people fairly quickly, although we wont ask you to jeopardise your studies for the sake of this.
The Graphic Designer should at the very least be able to organise text on a background so it looks nice and people can easily understand it. If you can bring in additional artwork or images, then arrange it so it looks a bit more bad-ass - you are probably a strong candidate. In order to make the flyers and posters print-ready, you need to format them into a PDF file with particular specifications, but our Treasurer, Andrew McBain will show you how to do this if you don't already know. We will be producing new flyers and posters every month.
Sat 18 Oct - Alestorm Gig @ Garage Aberdeen + Moorings Afterwards
Pirate metal band Alestorm are coming to Aberdeen.
Rock and Metal Society are attending as a group then going to The Moorings Bar Afterwards
If you dress up as a pirate, you get an additional 10% discount on drinks at The Moorings Bar, which can be combined with a 10% student discount. Rock and Metal Society Student Members also get into The Moorings Bar half price (£2 rather than £4 that night).
We 22 Oct - Fortnightly Meetup @ The Moorings Bar
We are back at The Moorings Bar 2 weeks later. Come along then. It's always a good laugh.
Facebook event page to follow.
Fri 24 Oct - Diamond Head Gig @ The Moorings Bar
Legendary metal band, Diamond Head are playing Aberdeen on Friday 24th October.
Rock and Metal Society Members get into all Moorings Bar Gigs and Clubnights on the door for half price (£7.50 rather than £15)
We are attending as a group. Check out the facebook event.
Hope to see everyone at these events,
Mark (RAM President)


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