Aberdeen University Students' Association

Postponed Return To Campus

Cecilia Wallback, AUSA Student President said: "Students have been placed in a terrible situation. They have been told they can’t return to campus till March at the earliest but are being forced to pay for rooms and flats they are not allowed to occupy or even enter. The government must step in urgently and make sure students are reimbursed for the accommodation they cannot use. It is the government’s moral and electoral duty to refund the rent to students who have been told not to return to their term-time addresses, whether that’s a private or university accommodation. Universities clearly cannot afford to refund as much as 3 months of rent. The government must take action to ensure there are still universities left for students to return to. If the Government fail to do this, it will be failing in its most basic responsibility to its students."


If you are struggling, please email ausaadvice@abdn.ac.uk, we are here to listen.