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Societies Awards 2021 Winners

AUSA Societies’ Awards 2021 

The Societies’ Awards aims to celebrate AUSA’s incredibly talented and hardworking societies and induvials who have excelled within the last year. This year’s live event took place live on Facebook and YouTube and was hosted by AUSA Student President Cecilia Wallback and VP for Communities Radeen Moncrieffe.  

If you missed the awards you can watch the event recording here (please skip to 3mins 30seconds for the start of the event): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O-yVex1Mqqo  


Full list of winners below: 


Kings Merit

The Kings Awards celebrate those individuals that have gone above and beyond in their roles on society committees. There are two categories - Merit and Distinction.   

The King’s Award of Merit is for students who have been involved in their chosen society for more than one year and their committee would like to recognize them for doing more than their role or committee expects of an individual.    

Jennifer Hamilton – History Society  
Jitka Drahotska - History and Czech Slovak Society 
Kieran McMullin – History Society  
Anas Abdi - EBS & AUCG 
Marina Chancheva - AU Trading and Investment Club 
Cerys McGonigal - Sensory Awareness Society 
Ioanna Tsingi - ELSA Aberdeen 
Connor McCausland - Centre Stage 
Marta Beteta - Spanish & Latin American Society 
Lisa McCulloch – Nightline 
Frederick Cooper – Nightline 
Jamie-Lee Barban - Consulting Group 
Ryan Fox - History Society 
Matthew Webster - History Society 
Ahmed Kombar - Qatar Campus Committee 


Kings with Distinction  

This award is a recognition for students who have given two or more years to their chosen society activity.  Nominations are completed society committees for individuals who have demonstrated personal development through their dedication to society.  They will also have continuously given large amounts of time to effort to the growth of their society. 

Chahel Naresh - The Finance & Investment Society
Tudor Westwood - AU Student Parliament 
Scott Hasell - AU Student Parliament 
Agnieszka Fandrey – AUWISE 
Mona Tudorachie - AUCG & Intern Network 
Johanna Kauppi - ABDN Case 
Cara McCorquodale – Nightline 
Beatrix Livesy-Stephens - Linguistics Society and ABDN Case 
Laura Irvine – Nightline 


Society Awards 

These are awarded annually by the AUSA and the Societies Union Committee for outstanding efforts. 


Most Dedicated  

This award is given based on the progress and delivery of a society’s development plan and goals for the year.   


AU Trading & Investment Club 
Baking Society  
Nordic Society  

The winner is... AU Trading and Investment Society 


Best Event  

This award celebrates an outstanding event put on by one society or by several societies within the current academic year. 


History society – “Scottish history quiz” 
History society – “Refreshing history”  
AU Student Parliament – “Future of Britain” 

The winner is... AU Student Parliament for their Future of Britain series. 


Society of the Year  

This award is given for a society that can demonstrate outstanding achievement in a variety of areas by providing a great experience for their members, development of their activity as well as a positive representation of themselves and the institution.    


AU Commercial Law 
AU Consulting Society  
AU Trading & Investment Club  

The winner is... AU Commercial Law Society