Aberdeen Student Parliament is a society for students looking to get involved in politics and/or law. The society has two branches, the Commons and the legislative branch. The legislative branch focuses on drafting bills for the Commons. The Commons then debates these bills on a regular basis, within a parliamentary structure. New and experienced speakers from all political standpoints welcome to take part. 

We also hold events with external speakers from various backgrounds in politics and law. Previous speakers include MPs, QCs and highly respected academics. ASP holds regualr socials and meet ups where members can chat about all things poltiics! This year, although most events will be online for the time being, we still plan to be one of the most active societies on campus. ASP is a fantastic opportunity to meet people from across the univeristy. 

President - Scott Hasell

Vice President - Braiden Smith 

Treasurer - Natalie Forrest 

Secretary - Matthew Running 

Social Secretary - Jamie Murphy

Legisaltion Co-Ordiantor - Lea Rattei